Max ‘BR’ Brinnich

Selecting second hand gear can always be a bit of a nerving process. You are about to fork out 100’s, maybe 1000’s, of Euro’s so you will want every bit of advice you can get. This is where we can help, with the assistance of BR, you now have yourself a very informative check list.

Do you have any more top tips for buying second hand gear? Let everyone know in the comments below.

Here is what I learned in the last years whilst I was working and repairing in the biggest shop in Austria.

1. Listen to your Sail

When you pull it out of the bag and unroll it, the monofilm tends to have a crackly sound if it is really used. It is kind of obvious, even to the untrained ear. Be careful though, all monofilm makes a crackly sound, new or old but this is much sharper.

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