North vs South

Jony at Mexicos in Cornwall – Photo by Splashography

It was soon after that that I noticed the swells started coming in much further south than usual, with the South of Ireland and Cornwall looking like a much better option, so I decided to head to Cornwall to spend the last week of my holiday there and it didn’t disappoint! A few days of logo-mast high cross off, and even some starboard tack jumping practice made for a very fun week to finish my Christmas break. The great thing about Cornwall is there’s always plenty of people to sail with (including the likes of Steve Thorp – mastermind behind K4 Fins) and the atmosphere at the beach is great. We even went to have a look at sailing the Cribbar at sunrise on New Years day, but it was a bit of a blown out mess – probably a good thing as I hadn’t slept in 3 days.