Oda Johanne


It’s been a very exciting year for me as I followed my dream and travelled to different places I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. At the places I have been to I’ve sailed with a lot of other windsurfers who were and are competing, so I thought it would be cool to give it a try, even though I never thought I would compete in windsurfing when I first started.

To compete this year was actually not my plan, as I wanted to train one more year first. But Arrianne Aukes forced me…haha! For sure it was a good experience sailing heats for the first time and to feel the adrenaline you get during the 6 minutes where you are in the spotlight.

Also it’s super cool to travel to different places that you might not normally go to, this last event in Brouwersdam was an adventure as I drove my car all the way from Norway through Denmark and Germany before I finally arrived in Holland. I have always wanted to go there because of all the epic freestyle spots, and after being there I now understand why Holland has so many good freestylers.