Official Review

The mecca of windsurfing, the hub of our very sport cannot be left out of any movie. Yet we heard that there were real troubles shooting here, it was not easy, the wind and waves didn’t play ball, and then you can imagine what it must be like when it comes back after so much time off. The parking bays packed, everyone scraping over even the smallest of ripples, but the BTS crew weren’t there shooting just anybody. Brawzinho, now a PWA event winner, tears every wave to pieces, muscling through the most contorted moves and coming out straight into another turn. Here you see why his win at Klitmoeller was a long time coming. Here you see why Brawzinho’s slow but steady rise to the top is just around the corner from reaching that elusive PWA wave title; for many, the pinnacle in windsurfing. And yes the soundtrack has that exact same effect that the Peru section gives you; grab board and run for the beach.

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