Official Review

Victor clearing a heavy section – Photo by Simon Crowther

…and that’s one thing I love about him [Victor], he does extreme hardcore shit, but it’s flowing. That’s one of the things we always used to say about these Pozo guys, yeah they can jump but they can’t wave sail, you know… and, they changed that idea!

When windsurfing legend Josh Stone introduces someone in this way, can you expect anything less than the latest of late hits, deep gouging bottom turns and moves that are perfectly in sync with the waves. Be prepared though, this is where those heartstrings will be wrenched to the turn even the hardest of men. The soundtrack, combined with the large number of shots that take us below the surface are perhaps what inspired the name for this very movie. There are times where you almost physically feel you are in the position of the Andre, grasping the camera, holding your breath as you feel the power of the waves pass over you, as Victor passes just millimetres from the lens. The elation felt in previous sections certainly feels it balance here.

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