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We filmed the full double elimination final where Gollito Estredo met Kiri Thode. Kiri had already sailed back through a number of heats and was looking strong. The chat on the beach was that Kiri had taken it yet still Gollito won. What do you think, should Kiri have won or was it clearly another victory for Gollito – vote below.

For those interested the judging criteria was as follows:

Heat duration: 7 minutes
Number of attempts (each side): 7
Number of moves to count (each side): 4

Who do you think won?

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  1. Eduard

    Very close call. Gollito just sticked that last move that gave me doubts! But kiri just gave me a bit more consistent feel overall.

  2. dasimalbea

    Definitely Kiri Thode, no doubt!!!!

  3. Alvinson Soliana


  4. Ann Phelan

    Really close but I gotta vote for Bonaire when this close…good job for both!

  5. Ann+Phelan

    By the way, awesome Boardseeker to allow the fan to participate. Great heat, Kiri!! We are all here on the island supporting you!


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