RBSC Mission 3 – The Chase Is ON!

The Red Bull Storm Chase, Mission 3, will take place today at a yet to be announced break in Cornwall, England.

The final four competitors in the storm chase: Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Dany Bruch and Leon Jamaer, will take part in an all out contest to find the best storm rider in the world.

The final destination for the competition, the heat structure and will all be announced just before the competition starts, so keep checking back on Boardseeker for all the latest. What is for sure is that we are about to see some of the best and most extreme windsurfing ever take place as absolutely massive swell and 80 + mph winds sweep through Cornwall. Just how will the top riders cope? And who will be victorious?

These questions and more will be answered very soon, so stay tuned…

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