Sarah-Quita Offringa

Next time

I’m definitely looking into going back to Cape Town. It’s the first time I travelled somewhere and I can say that I fell in love with the city. Besides windsurfing this city has so much to offer and the scenery is amazing. You could easily spend months there and not get bored. Whether you’re a nature lover and prefer peace and quiet or you love being out and about in town.

The wild side – South of Cape Town

Next time I’m there I will look into sailing more at spots in the south like Scarborough and Cape Point. For me it was actually nice to live close to town and hang around there more instead of being near the windsurfing spots constantly. It’s nice to get out and see different things and people.

Photo – Guy Cribb

I think I did have a lot of equipment with me but I really ended up using everything. If your only taking your wave equipment than the amount would be okay, but I was happy to have my freestyle kit on the windless days. So the best thing would just to look for an airline that allows all of this equipment (Turkish airlines!!).

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