Speed is of the Essence

Top tips for going fast in small lake chop with gusty winds

Try to read the gusts. The small chop is no big problem as you can not ride or use those waves really. You just need to make sure your board is riding flat all the time and because the small chop can sometimes disturb you doing this perfectly try to ride it a little bit over the leeward (downwind) side. Flat is best – but when you drop your windward (upwind) side rail of the board then you break down a lot – so to avoid this for sure ride flat or a little bit on the leeward side. Then simply read the gusts. On lakes you can really see them coming and you can also see if they shift. Try to turn this annoying gusts into an advantage: go more cross wind in the “lulls” and use the gusts to accelerate maximum on a slight downwind course. Your body might have to move with those gusts as well. In the lows you want your body weight maximum over the board so sail really upright. If the gust hits you and it’s hard to control then lower your body weight over the side of the board and hang into the harness lines to transfer the maximum pressure over the mast foot onto the board.