The Rise of Leon Jamaer


JP have the single thruster, it’s fast, responsive and turns well, perfect for European conditions! Then they have the radical quad which is the board I used in the Cornwall RBSC, that board felt really good when the waves were mast high – really smooth on the rail! The onshore board, when the conditions get that big have less control so I switch to the radical quad and it’s really, really good.

I’m still trying lots of different boards, all of the 2014 boards and I’ve just got the first 2015 shapes too, so I will try them all and figure out which kind of conditions suit which boards the best. I can say here in South Africa I did my best top turns ever on the new Radical Quad shape!

I will also start working on some complete custom boards, I really want to try and develop the perfect board for where I live, around Germany and Denmark, their onshore boards are pretty good already but there is always room to improve!

Leon Jamaer

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