The Rise of Leon Jamaer

Storm Chase

It’s a really weird feeling for the chase to finally be over. When the chase started I knew there were so many good guys that wanted to get in, I didn’t really think I would make it as I wasn’t very well known. Luckily, people still voted for me and I got 13th in the voting, then I knew if we got really good conditions I could do well but it was hard to get in in the first place.

Tasmania was my favourite mission for sure, the conditions pushed everyone to their limits. There were some solid mast high sections to hit but then the first peak was almost twice the size and not many attempted to hit that one. None of the mission were quite ideal for jumping… most of the times you had to be really lucky to find a good ramp. In the end it was mostly about wave riding which I am stoked about because many people thought the Storm Chase would be more about surviving, but we actually scored pretty epic down the line wave riding!

Leon at the Storm Chase

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