Tow-In: How To

Part 3: Moves to start with

The first moves to try is for sure the funnell or flaka, they are both almost the same, it is just the wind angle that changes it. You don’t have to duck the sail or change the hands, you just make a small pop and aim to slide on the nose of the board so it catches and you spin. It is quite a good idea to maybe let go of the rope and let your speed drop a little, just really aim to be over the board through the move, then after the first part of the move you just let yourself spin through it.

The next moves to try would be perhaps an air funnell, you need more speed, bigger pop and float more over the sail. After that maybe a double funnell where you spin a 360 after, then perhaps try to bounce it or get a second pop. For the double bounce you really have to land on the tail and then be really quick as you go for the second one. The best way to do the whole move is to do a small first funnel then you have more control to bounce the second one higher.

Next would be the burner, it is really good to have a small bit of chop to take off from and a bit of wind then it feels similar to how you do it with wind. After this it gets a bit harder, things like bobs, culos and double moves. Try the funnel first then maybe in the future we a do a feature on the harder moves… haha!

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