Triton Gills

Big wave riding for a select gnarly few could be for anyone. A concept from product designer Jeabyun Yeon could potentially allow anyone to tame the largest of XXL rides.

Fear of drowning may well be a thing of the past, the future is on our doorstep. Strapping one of these Triton ‘Gills’ securely to your wetsuit could allow the user to stay submersed for several minutes, perhaps even hours, as monstrous wave after monstrous wave passes over head. Simply unstrap and breathe.

The ideas don’t just stop there. This James Bond style re-breather could allow wave schools to safely crop up all over the world. Where centre owners may have feared drowning from over confident students, they could soon provide them with a short re-breather lesson prior to sending them out-back, when over head high bombs are dropping in.

Read on to see how it works…

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