Warsaw, Poland

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Once again windsurfing media will be flooded with scenes of the ever exciting indoor windsurfing. Slalom, freestyle or jump, it doesn’t matter what you are in to because this event will have it all, with an impressive prize pot and a one hell of an audience to match. Without ruining any further surprises we caught up with Steve Allen, the man behind this epic return, for a few hard facts.

…making for 40,000 available seats on Saturday!

The Return of Indoor Windsurfing

Indoor windsurfing returns in Poland in their very impressive National Stadium in Warsaw. This will be the largest arena ever seen for an indoor event, with the stadiums capacity being nearly 60,000, however due to the large fans from one side we will not offer the lower seats from the side of the fans making for 40,000 available seats on Saturday!

We will run the event over 3 days, Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.
On Sunday we plan for a full family day with many other exciting events taking place before the main event. Such as sailing and SUP, with the opportunity for some of the public to experience using the pool.

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