Wave Tips – Campello

Ricardo Campello is well known as perhaps the most radical rider in our sport.

He constantly pushes the boundaries of moves, both in and out of competition; with this comes a whole host of huge tricks stomped and huge tricks crashed.

It is perhaps the crashes that he is even more famous for, spiraling through the air, 30 feet up, without his kit anywhere near by or spinning through triple forward attempts; he always shakes it off.

However, even he can be a little hesitant at times, so what is it  that makes him block fear when he grabs kit and heads to the water?

Find out in our Boardseeker wave tip below, plus if you want to know more from Ricardo and his approach to learning windsurfing moves make sure you check out the up coming issue of the Boards Wave Annual, which contains some in depth advice and stories directly from Ricardo himself.