Tricktionary II – It’s bigger, it’s better!

Book Review: Tricktionary II
What is it?

A technique manual covering everything from total beginner to gybing, freestyle, jumps and now wave riding and wave tricks. It is a refresher to Tricktionary I with a Waves section bolted on.


285 pages

Who edited it?

Michael Rossmeier and Sandra Schennach with help from the following Pro riders: Jakub Kosmowski, Normen Gunzlein, Laure Treboux, Victor Fernandez, John Skye, Andre Paskowski, Egor Popretinskiy and Remko de Weerd.

What we liked about it

From first time windsurfer to Victor Fernandez; everyone can learn something from this book and it inspires you to try new moves. It also won’t ‘out date’ for at least a decade as it has included all the very latest freestyle and wave moves (though we doubt we’ll ever be able to do them)! The format and outlay is the same as Tricktionary I; easy to follow, not too much text just some very good top tips.

What we didn’t like

Not much too dislike. It’s a unique product that should be in prime place either on the coffee table or by the lavatory!

Chick action .v. Bloke action

A little bit of Laure Treboux and Nayra Alonso but the rest is of well tanned, muscular yet skinny freestylers – and John Skye.

Best bits

The picture sequences are cool.

What is missing?

A double backloop, the triple forward and a double on the way in!!


Bonus Section

The book is also published in Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Cost: 34.90 euros

 Available at: Most windsurfing retailers as well as direct from