2014 Sponsorship – All the Rumours and Confirmed Transfers

Philip Koester leaves NeilPryde.

Where will he go? The rumour is to Severne, but this is yet to be confirmed. NP tried to get Koester on a joint deal with JP Australia, but he has stayed loyal to Starboard.

It had been confirmed by Philip that he would ride for Severne for a while now, but nothing official had been released from the brand. Now on the Severne facebook you can check out the photo below of Philip ripping on his new equipment, as well as words from Severne HQ.

Philip Koester, image credit Severne.

“We’re stoked Philip Köster is signing up for the SEVERNE team for 014 and welcome Moritz as the second edition to our wave team. Philip has redefined modern windsurfing and we’re really looking forward to what he’s going to be able to do with lighter, better gear. The future is looking red hot!”