Boardseeker interview with Kurosh Kiani:

Boardseeker interview with Kurosh Kiani:

What exact equipment will you be using and why?

KK: I will be using the new Angulo Magnum boards and the Point-7 AC-1 for racing. And I´m really looking forward to getting the Angulo wave boards on the water again along with the new Point-7 wave sails such as the Salt and the 3-batten Swag when I hit the waves again.

What will you be looking to develop with the brands this year and going forward?

KK: I will be looking to develop a great mutual relationship which supports my crazy thoughts and ideas. I look to develop a place where I feel home and where information flows easily between everyone.

And with so many event clashes, which events will you be attending this year?

I will be doing the PWA world tour, and then I will be focusing on the Danish tour as well as I would like to get my title back!. I can’t see myself going to IFCA events at the moment as I, for the moment, don’t agree with or support the visions of the people running it.


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