4 Quick Fire Questions with the Pros in Turkmenistan

Some honest and hard hitting questions for the pros who are currently competing in Turkmenistan. For those interested there are a number of discussions taking place on various social media pages about the event, so we thought we’d try to bring it to one place. Check out the Q & A over the next few pages and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Special thanks to our man on the scene, Jordy Vonk, for helping make this one happen, follow his daily updates here.

Jordy Vonk phone in one hand, shaka in the other.
Where did you spent more time, on the toilet or on the water?

Enes Yilmazer: I’m totally fine,  no problems with the stomach so far. So I spent more time on the water !

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel: I’m even combining it, I went for it in the water, haha. But now half way the event I’m feeling fine again.

Taty Frans: On the water! I’ve been totally fine, but I guess I’m also a bit lucky, have seen a lot of people suffering out here.

Marco Lang: In my situation on the toilet, sadly I was out first round. It was my worst day with my stomach, didn’t had any power to keep my 3rd position that race.

Jordy Vonk: Guess about the same! I was suffering a few days going to the toilet a lot, but I also spended some time on the water. Next time I will bring some more medicines.

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