5 Must Watch Videos – Tenerife Day 1 & Top Contenders

Dany Bruch isn’t just one of the event organisers here in Tenerife, it’s also his home break, making him one of the top guys to watch when the wind and waves really come through.

Maui-Tenerife from Daniel Bruch on Vimeo.

Philip Koster might have finished 5th in Pozo, but if you’re in any doubt as to whether or not he can come back and reclaim his title watch this. And this.

After his first round defeat in Pozo Alex Mussolini is going to be a man on a mission, also at his home break. 2 years ago Musso came back through the double here in Tenerife, we can’t help thinking we’re in for a similar show this year…

PWA Wave Tenerife: Day 4 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

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