5 of the Best Ever Windsurf Movies? VOTE

Here on Boardseeker we have shared the various parts and pieces of Y, the movie, but now the producers have released the whole movie in one easy to watch piece. This isn’t just another clip, this is a 40 minute full on feature film.

Would you like to see more dramatised windsurfing movies? Not just action, but a story alongside it too? Or what type of windsurfing movie is your favourite?

This got us thinking… what really is the best windsurfing movie of all time? This definitely isn’t a definitive list, more like the first few that popped into our heads in the office.

Have a scroll through, have your VOTE and let us know which movies we’ve missed that make your list.

And before you do, check out the feature length Y below…

Y, the movie. from Fred Bonet on Vimeo.

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