Aruba Hi Winds Slalom – Taty On Top

The Aruba Hi Winds event attracts the best racers from across the Caribbean and further afield, to take part in a week of slalom and long distance racing on one of the most beautiful islands around.

This year top PWA sailors Taty Frans and Diony Guadagnino are battling it out for top position in the pro men, with Taty currently leading, Diony in second, and Joris Bosman and Kiri Thode close behind.

Taty on day one:

“Aruba hi winds started off today with light wind but we managed to do 3 races I was on my mauisails 7.0 tr9xt and my starboard Isonic 110. Three races where completed I had: a 1,2,1 so at this moment i am in 1st place while diony guadagnino is 2nd and Kiri Thode is in 3rd. Wind looks promising for tomorrow so i am looking forward to that :-)”

It’s not just the pro men that are racing here though, the Hi Winds, and the Aruba/Bonaire on the whole, are renowned for producing world class youngsters and the abundance of talent is clear yet again at this event. You can check out full results from the event here  and Boardseeker will keep you up to date with more from the event as things progress.

Finally, you may have guess but Kuma is of course at the event and sharing it with us all in another great video…

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