AWT: Baja, The Arrival

The next event on the AWT tour is about to kick off in Baja, bringing the bext wavesailors from the USA and further afield into the desert for the ultimate showdown. Tanya Saleh is making the long trip from Europe to take on another AWT contest and will be reporting right here for Boardseeker…

Baja, The arrival…

The act of getting to Punta San Carlos is an adventure in itself; a border crossing, passing by Tijuana and Ensenada (without the urge to stop), negotiating the military check points in broken Spanish, and the big finale: The Dirt Road. The last time I was here (2 years ago for the AWT), there was quite a lot of dirt road carnage; multiple flat tyres, people going the wrong way, and falling off the roof of the vans etc. Unfortunately, as everyone rocked up yesterday it was all rather uneventful! This goes to show that for year 3 of the AWT tour everyone is actually learning from their mistakes. Boring!

I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Marco Bitoun (current overall 1st amateurs) and Camille Juban, and we arrived on Friday getting an extra day of sailing in. For me this was also a critical extra day of trying to overcome jetlag, or what apparently looks to everyone else like narcosis. We stopped in one of the last towns of civilization to eat a mandatory taco from a taco stand. Starving having been driving for 5 hours we tuck in, I look up and Camille’s head looks like it’s about to explode. Clearly he hadn’t realised the little orange things (which look like peppers) he covered his taco in were actually habanero chillis. Ouch.

The conditions the last 2 days have been on the smaller side; just over head high down to knee high, but super fun and pretty windy. You can tell there is a long period so if the swell comes through we will definitely get some epic conditions. I’m already revelling in the joys of no phone signal, rural living, and Solo Sports delicious food. Up next will be the action.

Internet permitting……watch this space!

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