Behind the Scenes – Lancelin Wave Contest

Last week many big names from European and Australian wave sailing battled it out for glory in Lancelin. Philip Koster, Ben Severne, Jaeger Stone, Scott McKercher and Ben Proffitt were amongst the competitors, with Koster eventually taking the title win.

But, as Boardseeker reported here, the real news were the big name exits and the ‘under dogs’ shining through.

Whilst Koster won, it was local Glenn Alexander who took second and British rider Graham Woods who secured third. Boardseeker has now caught up with Woods for an inside look at the competition, the runners and riders, and much more:

Graham Woods. Image credit Gunfire Images.

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How the heats went down


Conditions and Equipment

Every Heat Came Down To The Wire

Plans for 2014

Koster and Glenn Alexander