Behind the Scenes – Lancelin Wave Contest

Conditions and Equipment

Graham Woods. Image credit Gunfire Images.

On the charts the forecast looked epic 2m+ and 20 knots of wind…. Perfect. The only problem being Lancelin doesn’t tend to hold big swells. As it is a km out from the beach it picks up the full brunt of the swell. We all tend to say 1.5 is best for Lano and any bigger go elsewhere. But actually I was quite surprised with the waves we got on the day. Yes you had the odd bomb come through and close out the whole channel but otherwise they were shaping up nicely, especially on the inside section where it goes cross off. The only problem with the big swell was a lot of water moving off the reef, so there was a big current in the waves. This meant that you would be planing fine in the lagoon but in the wave break it was a real struggle to stay on the plane.

For me I was on my biggest kit 4.8m Severne S1 and 73l Starboard Nu-Evo. As you can tell I am not so heavy. Most of the other guys were on 5.7’s and 92l boards just to get planing.