Behind the Scenes – Lancelin Wave Contest

Every Heat Came Down To The Wire

The heats were all really close between everyone. With the judges opting for 3 Jumps and 3 Waves, it was very hard to fill your score sheet and not mess anything up. Lancelin is such a tricky wave to sail a lot of it comes down to luck. Luck of a wave swinging wide that you can jump off, or luck of one that has a nice wall to work with rather than closing out. I was pretty confident with my wave riding scores as I have been working on this a lot recently, so it was mainly my jumping I was going to fail on. Luckily I seemed to be going out at the right time to get some bigger jumps off some nice sections so that pulled it ahead for me. Also, going into the heats I knew these guys were probably going to beat me, so I had the mental attitude of just having fun and trying my best. Normally I sail better when I am just having fun so this worked out well for me.