Broeckhoven Takes The Single

Congratulations to Steven van Broeckhoven who takes the single elimination win in the freestyle over in Sylt! Steven won a close battle in the final, ahead of Tonky Frans in second, Gollito in third and Kiri Thode in fourth.

Steven van Broeckhoven

The double elimination is already underway in some light, gusty and offshore conditions. With some early surprise exits and a lot of sailors hoping to improve their position it will be a tense end to the day.

This event will also decide who takes the overall title for the year, and it’s looking very close between Steven, Kiri and Gollito, with it all coming down to the wire in the double.

1st. Steven van Broeckhoven

2nd. Tonky Frans

3rd. Gollito Estredo

4th. Kiri Thode

Tune into the live stream to listen to Proffitt and the crew trying to figure out who could win the title…