DAY 1 – PWA Costa Brava – Dunkerbeck Frustration

Björn Dunkerbeck fired us a quick message after a frustratingly light day. Despite using his biggest equipment, it seemed like the wind was on the marginal side of light as other sailors report of gusty low wind heats in the closing races.

An improving forecast shows a strong chance of the famous Tramontana returning during competition, which could mean for some serious balls-to-the-wall action, stay tuned for more, right here. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The famous Tramontana is expected to make an appearance in a few days

“THE WIND started off pretty good 10-12 knots and sun up until till my heat, number 6! It was very much on the limit but conditions were ok just before the start, then some cloud coverage set in, the wind dropped and changed angle. Even on my new 10m Severne Reflex 5 and 130 litre Starboard I was underpowered!

Talking of the gear, I am really happy with it, even with such a large set-up but in no wind there is a limit ……….!!!!!!!! A few heats later the day was called off because it was not good enough wind for slalom!

With Tramontana predicted in a few days, I’m really hoping to get some wind for windsurfing soon 😉 AND SOME FUN SLALOM!” – Dunkerbeck

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