DSC DAY 2 – Updates


With the wind insufficient for competition, the competition has been called off for today. The race buoys have been returned to the beach and as we write the wind is coming in again from the correct direction. It seems to be building for perhaps an evening warm up sessions for those left at the beach.


The wind did fill in and those left at the beach all raced out to get on the water for a good power hour of practice. Despite the race buoys not being in place some impressive top speeds were reached in the relatively light conditions. Jurjen van der Noord was able to return with the highest unofficial speed and shows that he is the one to challenge. However, with Björn out of the equation this afternoon and many others just warming up, Van der Noord will have to remain at his best to beat the best.

Expect more updates from us tomorrow as the wind is expected to kick in early and skippers meeting has been set at 9.15am, stay tuned…