Enter The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

The man himself, Bjorn Dunkerbeck is organising a very special speed challenge, open to everyone…

More from the organisers:

Dunkerbeck speed challenge, will you beat the big man?

“The philosophy of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge is to introduce more windsurfers into the speed discipline through a pro-am event, open to all ages and groups with the aim to get faster and break your PB (Personal Best: individual fastest times).

“GPS technology will allow us to control the average speed on the 250 or 500 meters course of each and every participant on the event.

“We will choose the best locations in the World for this events Starting for Fuerteventura in June 2014.”

More info to come soon, Boardseeker will keep you up to date with all of the information as it comes. But, this looks like a brilliant opportunity for any sailors wanting to push their speeds! Get involved and check out the event Facebook page here.



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