Festival time, but will it last?

It seems that it is time for some of the biggest windsurfing festivals to take place! Last weekend Holland hosted the Mission XL, a massive celebration of windsurfing with some of the world’s top pros as well as opportunities for new windsurfers to learn the sport.

Mission XL

This weekend over in the UK hundreds of windsurfers will descend on Hayling Island to the National Watersports Festival, the biggest windsurfing event in the UK by a LONG way. With fun racing, clinics, coaching, pro riders, new equipment on show, prizes galore and a massive party or two, NWF provides something for everyone.

However, despite the apparent success of both events they both struggle to run year after year. Rumour has it that the MissionXL will not take place again next year, and it’s no secret that windsurfers reluctance to pre-book a weekend ticket for NWF has previously put this event under threat too.

Do we all support these events enough? Are they key to windsurfing surviving in the respective countries? Or just a nice weekend for those that can attend?

Should we as windsurfers be supporting events like this more? Or should it be the job of the industry to make sure they go ahead? Or would  you not miss either of these events if they stopped?

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