A fresh face for PWA freestyle

Is Jamie Howard the UK’s next hot prospect for a PWA freestyle podium? Already landing these kind of moves at the age of 17, he’s definitely looking on form for it, but is he really set on the world tour or does he have other ideas. Check out or classic interview and Jamie’s latest clip, which you can find on the last page.

Name: Jamie Howard
Age: 17
Years windsurfing: 10
Work: Spray Water Sports (instructor)
Favourite kit setup: JP Freestyle 90 , 4.2 Neilpryde Wizard with 17.5cm Choco B72 fin
Last move landed: Burner funnel
Moves working on: Kabikuchi , burner funnel , better culo’s!
Sponsors: JP, Neilpryde, Dakine, Bawbags, Fuss 3

How long have you been in Dahab for and what have you been doing there?

I was in Dahab for 5 and a half months in total, just living super cheap and windsurfing whenever it was windy! I had saved enough money from last summer to not have to work out there, so was pretty much just a mega holiday. When there was no wind I would just go snorkelling, SUP, play pool, darts and the occasional bit of tow-in.

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