A fresh face for PWA freestyle

You’ve progressed a lot in a short time, have you been getting on the water much?

Well as with anywhere, you’re never guaranteed wind all the time but in general it was pretty good. You would get a week of no wind here and there but then its worth it just for the unbelievable conditions when it is going off! You also have to remember that Dahab is best in summer time so you can’t expect it be epic all winter.

How would you say the situation in Egypt/Dahab is right now (is it safe)?

It’s quite hard to say to be honest, all I can say is that I personally felt safe the whole time I was there and I don’t think there is much danger in going to Dahab. It was a little tense at first after the bomb at St Catherines but the only thing that happened was that they upped the security. Hopefully everything will cool down soon and the government can say that it safe to travel there again.

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