Girls Want to Get Wet – Episode 1

Yep that’s the title of the new series featuring some of the most illustrious girls in the world of action water sports. A catchy name and certainly a catchy video, no doubt this series will be a hit to all with it’s humorous twist and frankly great action. These girls got style!

Filmed and edited by the girls and their friends:
The girls: Tatiana Howard (USA), Carolina Butrich Schwartzmann (Peru), Sam Bittner (USA), Sarah Hauser (New Caledonia), Sarah Bibby (England), Alice Arutkin (France), Sam Campbell (USA), Kathi Seelack (Austria), Shawna Cropas (USA), Marine Le Guludec (France)

The friends: Casey Hauser (filming), Norman Roediger (water shots), Jake Miller (drone shots, editing and scenario tips), Si Crowther (filming), Kevin Pritchard (filming), Kieran Devanney (filming), Camille & Titoun (interview), Sofie&Paul (the helmet), KarenBe (song from the Haiku jungle)

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