Goya Boards Stolen - Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Online Editor

Goya had the ultimate highs and lows last week. Their team rider Marcilio Browne managed to claim a podium position at PWA Pozo during an epic showdown yesterday, meanwhile a container of Goya boards was stolen on their way to the Canaries. It was close to the harbour and the contents were entirely removed, the following boards are now missing and we hope that the windsurf community can keep their eyes peeled and do the right thing should one turn up.

Goya One Freewave Pro 95 GYFWP9514040087
Goya Custom Quad Pro 78 GYQUP7814020135
Goya Custom Quad Pro 78 GYQUP7814020138
Goya Custom Quad Pro 84 GYQUP8414010202
Quatro Glide 8’8″ QTGLI8814040006
Quatro Quad Cube 84 QTQUC8414040006
Quatro Thruster FW Tetra 99 QTTTF9914040007
Quatro Thruster FW Tetra 109 QTTTF10914040004
Quatro Thruster Sphere 80 QTTTS8014040006
Quatro Thruster Sphere 80 QTTTS8014040009
Quatro Thruster Sphere 80 QTTTS8014040020
Quatro Thruster Sphere 80 QTTTS8014040025
Quatro Thruster Sphere 85 QTTTS8514040011
Quatro Thruster Sphere 85 QTTTS8514040010
Quatro Thruster Sphere 85 QTTTS8514040007
Quatro Thruster Sphere 90 QTTTS9014040007
Quatro Thruster Sphere 95 QTTTS9514040015
Quatro Thruster Sphere 75 QTTTS7514040008


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