Green Grass of Home – 30 seconds with Timo

Timo Mullen just posted this short and sweet clip, some words from him about his winter below plus a small gallery and the video on the next page.

My winter has been awesome, as we all know the UK and Ireland have been firing since September! I’ve been sailing a lot, more than ever I’d say!

My home spots in the UK have been really good, so its been a good mix of both starboard and port tack which is great as I love both! I did 3 weeks in S.Africa in December with my family which was also windy everyday pretty much and then in March I was in Maui for 9 days for the Starboard shoot.

The UK got pretty crazy this weekend just past, I sailed all day Saturday on a 3.3 and the day this clip was filmed I was on a 4.2!  It’s just a short edit, I am pretty rubbish on editing, my brother Tam normally does it all but he was too busy to do this one. Thanks to Henry at Cover the Cake productions for sending me the footage!

It looks like summer is about to take hold though so I’m jumping on a plane tonight to somewhere with just as much sun but a LOT of wind…Tarifa!!! It’s only a day trip but I have been told to pack my 3.0m!!!

Check out a few highlights in the gallery below, you’ll find the video on the next page.

Photo credits: Cape Town – Zani Mullen, Branksome Chine – Pete Hazel

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