Hollywood Meets Jaws

In this post we have reserved our right to expand further afield and into the world of surfing. Once in a while we happily post some big news from the surfing world, well this time is no different. A huge swell dropped in on Peahi/Jaws on Wedsneday 22nd January and who was there to greet it… Hollywood!

That’s right, big wave surfers like Ian Walsh, Laird Hamilton and even Francisco Porcella were on the scene and charging the break hard. We are informed that Laird will not actually feature in the the final cut of Point Break 2, for which Hollywood was present and filming for. Yet Laird and the others enjoyed a clean line-up that had not one paddle surfer in sight. Let’s just assume some serious dollar was thrown down to keep the big blue clean for the cameras.

Check out the images over the next few pages…

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