Inside Brouwersdam: Ladies Action

The ladies have been firing through the heats again today. After completing the first double elimination just this morning, with the final heat taking place at 9am, the girls went straight into a second single elimination and have already started another double elimination.

Sarah Quita watches on as the heats pass

Winning the first full double elimination was Sarah Quita Offringa, however Arrianne Aukes is showing strong signs of putting the pressure on for what was once a clearly dominant Sarah. Sarah certainly appreciates and enjoys the competition as she is often heard saying how she likes to be pushed. As if Arrianne had been listening, she then faced Sarah once again in the second single elimination just now, this time Arrianne held the lead for the first half of the heat before Sarah jumped back to her usual stride and took back her first place.

Could Arrianne Aukes knock Sarah Quita off the top spot soon?

With it getting much closer at the top the interest in the ladies fleet is certainly rising again, other competitiors have been showing a strong performance, including Oda Johanne, Yoli de Brendt and Olya Raskina. The level for the girls seems to be rising as they realise they need to step up their game to take down the force that is Sarah Quita Offringa. Stay tuned as we will bring you the full results of the second double elimination later.

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