Inside Brouwersdam: The calm before the storm

Maike Huvermann sticking a Grubby

Today was the ultimate tease. The waiting game began this mornign but soon the wind filled in enough that quite a few competitors made their way to the water. Some frantic rigging took place as the call was made to go in the early afternoon yet the first heat was cancelled before it could even begin. From then on the riders were left on stand by as the winds teased them to the water time and time again. In the end there was no action for today and due to the possibility of starting the tow-in was also postponed to later in the week.

Stay tuned to Boardseeker for more updates. Tomorrow promises a strong forecast, local lad and freestyle world champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven was heard quoting that he usually uses his 3.8 in a forecast of 30 knots, tomorrow is predicted over 40 knots by the evening…

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