Inside Brouwersdam: Tow-In Qualifiers

This evening all those who were present at the DAM 7 Festival were treated to an awesome afternoon of tow-in action. The last two qualifying rounds were complete and the final draw for the tow-in final, to be held tomorrow or Saturday evening, can be seen below.

Qualifying from the second round was:
1st Bjorn Saragoza – Flaka shaka
2nd Max Matissek – Flaka shaka
3rd Adam Sims – Double spock

Qualifying from the third round was:
1st Gollito Estredo – Air funnel into burner
2nd Adrien Bosson – Flaka shaka
3rd Kiri Thode – Culo

The final will be as follows:
Youp Schmit
Kiri Thode
Adrien Bosson
Gollito Estredo
Adam Sims
Max Matissek
Bjorn Saragoza
Taty Frans
Antony Ruenes
Nicolas Akgazciyan