Inside the Mind of Müller

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Balz Müller is already well known for his wild and progressive approach to windsurfing. An approach that seems to be catching on as people throw themselves into more and more crazy rotations these days, not least in the recent Siam Park Expression Session, check the video of that here.

10537376_10152598273537071_3059460737001433047_nWe caught up with an injured but pretty stoked Balz after his recent antics in Fuerteventura. After watching his latest video, Surfiesta (check it out on the last page), we certainly had a few questions for him. It took a bit of pressure to pin him down and get some words but we managed it and bring you this exclusive from inside the mind of Müller.

What’s up Balz, let’s cut straight to the point, you killed it in Fuerteventura during the PWA event (9th place), tell us about the event and how stoked you are?
Sure I’m happy about the result, but you know in the end I just don’t want to be injured.

What were your best 3 moves of the event?
The clew first backie without wind and waves was definitely my highlight, but to be honest the conditions didn’t let me jump the moves I expected to do.


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