Justyna Sniady on Pozo

The polish sensation and comeback queen will also be reporting live from Gran Canaria for Boardseeker…

Justyna’s Gallery from Day One:

Name: Justyna Sniady

Sail No: POL 1111

Justyna, with her brand new Simmer set up ready for Pozo!

Competition history: I’m not so lucky with Pozo! During my first competition here I broke my eardrum 10 min prior my 1st heat, second year I knocked myself out with a pushloop landing with my chin on the boom and last year I broke my foot to pieces! Think that should be enough Pozo-wounds (knock on wood!) I still love sailing in Pozo! Last time I competed here (2 years ago) I finished 9th, last year I broke my foot just before the competition.. this year I have been training here for a month already and am still in one piece, so really looking forward to coming back on tour!

Favourite move: Backloop

Equipment used in Pozo: 72l LS Quatro Quad and Simmer Sails (Simmer Mission X 2.7 and 3.0, Icon 3.4-4.2 …and Blacktip 4.7 I probably not gonna need here:)

Favourite rider to watch at Pozo and why: There are a lot of people that are nice to watch in Pozo! Of course Philip Koster or Daida Moreno are amazing to see, but I like to watch everyone who is really going for it – whatever the level.

We have a 12 year old Nicklas here who is on the 53l board and 2.7 and doesn’t go one run without going for a forward or a pushloop – that’s great to see! I always enjoy seeing Ben pushing it as well!

Justyna is part of the Simmer international team – check out the brand new Simmer Style board range here and sail range here.

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