New sponsors, new family, new home – Yegor Popretinskiy

Having been with JP/NP for over 8 years, Yegor Popretinskiy has decided to make a big change in his career and sign to Fanatic/North. We caught up with him for the low down on why the sudden shift in brands and what his plans are for the future. Here’s a quick classic interview with the man himself.


How many years were you with JP/NP? 2005-2013 – 8 years

Best results in that time? – 9th PWA Fuerteventura 2012 – 9th PWA Podersdorf 2011 – 8th PWA Overall 2009-2010 – 6th PWA Sylt 2009 – 5th PWA Lanzarote 2010 – 12th PWA Overall 2008 – 9th PWA Podersdorf 2008 – 6th EFPT Overall 2008 – 5th EFPT Vassiliki 2008 – 6th EFPT Tarifa 2008

Number of international photo-shoots you attended? 2010 – JP Maui photoshoot 2011 – JP and NP Maui photoshoot

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