Cape Verde:

Tomorrow it will start one of the most expected events of the year. It is the opening of the 08 season and last year this was an EPIC event, so we can\’t wait to see what happens this year.

Today they finished the trials in minimal winds. The ten sailors who got places in the main event are:

Kai Katchadourian
Francisco Porcella
Jean Baptiste Caste
Yann Sorlut
Jules Denel
Mitu Monteiro
Diony Guadagnino
Francisco Fonseca
Dany Bruch
Camille Juban

Loads are the sailors with chances to win, from Kaui to Polakow, from Victor to Levi, from Josh to Kevin, and many more. Actually, with the event being only with 32 men, it is pretty damn hard since the very first heat.
We will keep you up dated.

pic: Skyeboy flies off the lip.

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter