Hawaii Rocked By Kona Winds

Julia Deutsch was there too witness it all.

On December 18th 2005 we had another epic day of incredibly strong Kona
wind in Lanes with over masthigh waves. Winds speeds topped at 45 knots
in gusts.
There was lots of tree damage due to the fact that most of
the plant growth on Maui is so used to the predictable trade winds and not from the other direction
The impression on the water was unbelievable – a big NW swell in
combination with those blasting side offshore Kona winds made up for
very difficult but spectacular sailing conditions. Riders got blown off
the top off waves when the gusts hit full force. At one point the day
got a full on Naish show with Robby Naish, Robby Seeger, Michi
Schweiger and Tristan Boxford tackling the monstor waves.

Other impressive sailors that made it out where: Jason Polakow, John Skye, Nik Baker
and Anne Marie Reichman.

It is hard to describe the fascination of those unique Kona Wind days
on Maui but when you have seen the incredible 40 foot spray that goes
off those waves – it is something that you should see and you \’ll never forget.

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