Top Hat joins Airush!

Top Hat is a real character, and one of the hard core wave riders living on Oahu’s north shore.
Here is a brief introductory interview with the man himself!

Name: Top Hat

Age: Ageless

Favorite Food: POTATO VODKA

Wheels you Drive:
1968 Harley Davidson Chopper,
2000 Harley Davidson FATBOY,
1991 Toyota Van,
1974 Chevy Step Van,
100 mph custom LL “TOPHAT EDITION”
skateboard , Randall chainsaw powered
skateboard,and the maggot mobile

Wheels you would like to drive: Listed above…
Top 3 Bands: This is a trick question I know too many bands to safely answer this question.

Your Hero: The inventor of POTATO VODKA…

Who do you rate as Zero: NO ONE we all get 10\’s

Money or Lifestyle: Both

Big Mac or Veggie Burger: No thanks just the fries please.

Pick Up line: Hey baby, have you met my wife?

Porn Star or Love: What kind of question is that. Of course PORN STAR…

Boardies over wetsuit: never, warm water, no wetsuit.

Favorite Board: one that floats

Favorite Kite: Airush Reactor 4m

Favorite Rider: My Wife

Favorite Spot: King size bed

Party Factor: immeasurable by current standards

Whats in your wallet: Wouldn\’t you like to Know…

3 words to describe yourself: ONE CRAZY FUCKER

Photographer: Jeff Pfeffer

Words to live by: ” Make friends not enemies”

Photo Credit:

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