The Three week long, Goya demo in Ireland has started

The Goya Van and Goya man, Andy King plus assistant and Goya Youth rider
Chris Murray have arrived in Brandon Bay, South West Ireland. The van was
packed to the roof literally as it was carrying the complete line up of the
Goya range ready for any takers to come and demo. Jamie Knox Watersports are once again providing
with some great accomodation with in minutes from from the best beach of the day, after a fueling of 
very filling breakfasts and early morning surf.
As usual Ireland has provided some great conditions already with 2 days of nice
clean surf on our arrival followed by an excellent wave sailing day at
Killcummin. It was20knts + side shore with some set wave grinding through at well
over logo high. Some out side sets were providing mast high ramps on the
way out allowing for some great height on jumps. As the tide came in it
produced a real punchy inside section for aerials.

Check out the pictures and join us on the kit designed for it.

The official dates for the Goya demo are the 24th April till May 15th,
however demo boards have already been out on the water, just ask at Jamie
Knox Watersports Centre for the Goya Vans location.

Photo Credit: The Swiss Guys

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