News Headlines – Fri 2nd

Welcome back to the PM update with a round up of some great video action.

First up is a compilation of action from Camocim in Brazil – check out Julien Mas, Bastien Rama and Loick Spicher, amongst others, tearing it up in the \’Freestyle Park\’ near Jericoacoara…

Next up is some insane ski action from the Kaunertal Glacier in Austria. How many skiers can you get launching off the same, huge kicker at the same time? Quite a lot it would seem…

Wrapping up the video action for the week is Timelapse Friday. This amazing timelapse was shot from the International Space Station and shows some unique images of Earth. Set the quality to HD and enjoy…

That\’s it for this week. With some wind forecast for the UK\’s South Coast this weekend, make the most of it and we will see you back here on Monday.

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