News Headlines – Fri 30th

First up in our PM update today is a nice edit from South Africa. \’Unleashed in Cape Town\’ sees four friends exploring the coast and scoring some awesome wave sessions. A lot of fun.

News from the skateboarding world now. 12-year old Tom Schaar from California has rocked the skate world by landing the first 1080 ever! Tom launched into three full rotations off a 27-foot RedBull quarter pipe at the infamous Woodward camp. Huge news for the skateboarding world and definitely a name to watch out for in the future!

After a few weeks off, it\’s the return of Timelapse Friday! Today is an out of this world video from Randy Halverson showing the passage of the Milky Way, combined with some huge lightning storms. Awe-inspiring…

That\’s all for this week, have a windy weekend and we\’ll see you back here on Monday for more news and video action…

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