News Headlines – Weds 4th

Welcome back to the PM update. A little while ago we shared the trailer for \’Polish South Africa: Vengeance\’ from Loft sailor Maciek Rutkowski. The full feature is now online, so check out the sick action in this great edit for yourself…

Graham Ezzy has invented (or restyled) a new move. A version of Josh Angulo\’s \’ANGover\’, the \’Hangover\’ is essentialy an Air Grubby off the lip. No idea what that might look like? Then check it out for yourself in the clip below. Thanks to UMI Pictures for the clip and be sure to head to the UMI website to read a cool interview with Graham about the move.

British Olympic star Bryony Shaw has shared her training programme in a short video. As the London Games approach, Bryony is in Spain ensuring she is on top of her game. It\’s not all about time on the water…

That\’s all for today, check back tomorrow for more news and action in the AM update.

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